Borders: New stores, efficiencies help improve financial picture; Chain saw fewer shoppers, but those who came spent more

Borders Group Inc. said Friday that sales from new stores and efforts to manage the company more efficiently allowed the company to increase its net income in the fourth quarter and for the year.

The new stores and management effort helped overcome a decline in sales in existing Borders and Waldenbooks stores.

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“Traffic was down; less people come into our stores,” Borders CEO Greg Josefowicz said. “However, those who did come to us generally spent more time and more money.”

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Sales at Borders stores open at least a year declined 1.2 percent from the previous year, while sales at Waldenbooks stores open at least a year declined 3.2 percent. Same-store sales are considered the best way to measure a retailer’s health.

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For the fiscal year ending Jan. 31, Borders reported net income of $117 million or $1.43 a share on revenue of $3.5 billion. In 2002, Borders reported income of $109.3 million or $1.32 on revenue of $3.4 billion. Earnings per share rose a disproportionate amount because the company repurchased $75 million worth of common stock last year.

For the fourth quarter, Borders reported net income of $111.5 million or $1.39 a share on $759.1 million in sales. That compares with income of $111.7 million or $1.35 on $741.8 million in sales for the same period the year before.

Borders’ stock price has declined steadily since November, from $19.79 a share to $13.85 at the market close Friday.

That drop is due to depressed overall retail sales, a decline in book sales and an announcement that Borders made in February warning investors that same-store sales declined for the year, said Dereck Leckow, a research analyst for Barrington Research Associates Inc.

Leckow views Borders’ problems as short-term economic issues that will be resolved in time.

“I think what we are going to find in the long run is that they are putting the right infrastructure in place to ensure the long-term growth for investors,” Leckow said.

Last year the company opened 41 Borders stores in the United States and eight overseas. Borders has a similar development schedule this year with plans to open 35-40 Borders stores in the United States and eight overseas.

Borders said it was disappointed with the performance of its international division last year. Net income from international stores fell from $3.9 million to $3.5 million.

The company has made some management changes and has added staff to its overseas division, Josefowicz said. Borders also has adjusted its strategic plan for the division. It now expects slower sales growth and is going to try to improve gross margins and reduce costs.

Borders’ international division is only a few years old and never has made money because store openings and other startup costs have hurt profits. This year, however, Josefowicz said, the company hopes to at least break even overseas.

In the United States, Borders has slimmed the size of its Borders stores from an average of 26,000 square feet to 22,000 square feet. In smaller markets, Borders stores are about 18,000 square feet. In the smaller stores, Borders devotes less space to music, Josefowicz said.

Borders also is reducing the size of its music department in other stores, Josefowicz said. That’s because music sales for all retailers declined about 10 percent last year and because Borders wants to devote more space to DVDs.

Wow! The miracle of OBD scanners!

The cat is out of the bag and the car users are running all over the place looking for something suitable for use on their cars. If you’re one of those who are terribly probing for a straight forward and effective way to decide the issues of engine fault that your vehicle is experiencing all the time, then why not get your own OBD scanner or code reader. I assure you, it’s bound to work miracles.

obd-scannerJust having something you plug in and it gets for you the data you need is fantastic. The scanners are generally software based devices which use electronic information. The readers are mainly code based and have several protocols supported within the numerous available codes.

Many people suffer from the problem of misinformation in matters concerning the OBD scan tool purchase and use. In the areas where its use of highly accepted, the overall use is guided by the several regulatory authorities like the environmental protection authority and the engineering association all of which are legal bodies.

You should read some reviews about the best OBD2 Scanners before deciding to buy any scanner for you vehicle. Some reviews like actron cp9580a enhanced autoscanner plus, actron cp9575 review…

For people who are unacquainted with the OBD scanner, they need to know that this is a device that helps you perform a diagnostic analysis. The downside that contributes to consistent automotive or engine hassle is discovered. OBD as it is stands for on-board diagnostic because of the fact that they are used to measure useful information in many ways that is needed by each automotive owner out there.

There different ranges of OBD scanner models that any user can access these days. However, the two most known typical ones are known to be quite on the opposite sides of each other. Lots of options from most tools may truly offer error codes for each OBD I and OBD II vehicles. However, the cheaper ones are restricted in their scope of error codes reached.

How important are they?

OBD scanners or readers can facilitate the provision of data and offer updated information concerning the overall status of your vehicle. It will also happily facilitate the forestalling of any engine issues that might happen in the near future through informing the owner of the said fault. This it does through the check engine light.

The codes that show on the scanner’s display are ordinarily treated alphanumerically. Every code can have a corresponding definition in line with the sort of problem your automotive is found to experiencing. So, if you are smart enough and can translate the meaning of the code, well for you. Otherwise you will have to either search on-line for the code interpretation or get the meaning from a professional mechanic.

obd2 bluetooth scanner

Because the codes are health related, based on the main concerns of emission, the definition is most likely gotten from the several world based websites. However, a number of the additional updated scanners can be seen to combine the numerous definitions for the codes. It is therefore of no consequence that you will go to wasting useful amounts of time making an attempt to finding it out.

OBD II scanners are known to have an upper hand when it comes to your car’s issues. Moreover, it’s a straightforward tool to use based on its design. Most of the time, these scanners or readers attach simply to a system in your automotive engine using a 16 pin USB cable attached to most of them.

There several outlets mandated by law based on the several provisions of the environmental protection agency (EPA) which stock different scan tools for your choice. The shops including the other online based ones offer lucrative discounts. Though you may go round the several shops looking for your brand of OBD scan tool, there is a higher likelihood that you will get one for your car from these outlets. The universal scan tools can of course be used on any car model that you have.

However, there are sometimes when you would want to seek for the professional care. The kind of scanner you have may not work with on the issues on your kind of vehicle. Having a spare OBD scanner is undoubtedly one thing that you simply will really enjoy.

Effective and safe Band Saw Cutting as well as its Utilizes

Metalworking, woodworking, reducing plastic material along with other components can easily carry out via band saws reducing. The reason being the band saws, that are a flexible saw, can follow, or even made to perform these types of actions. To handle metallic reducing, the actual blade from the band saws utilized will be either carbon metal or perhaps a bimetal.  read more band saw reviews, Carbon metal device blade, the actual less expensive choice may similarly be apply upon moderate metal to slice this, whenever established in the right pace. When it comes to more costly bimetal blades, this is often uses to reduce difficult components, for instance stainless steel. Still having bi metal band saws could be the less expensive choice ultimately, in case utilized properly, since it frequently outlasts the carbon steel blade of the band saws.

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Look for utilization

To slice wooden, you may make utilization of carbon metal device blades on the horizontal band saws or even some other band saws that may be using for (please verify through product sales manual or even guide prior to utilizing it this particular way).

Think deep about guidelines

A few guides that are included with band saws created for reducing wooden notify customers they can similarly reduce alloys as well. This can be correct; however, this rather tends to be smooth alloys such as lightweight aluminum, copper mineral, and the tops.
In case you try these particular wooden reducing band saws on the stainless steel, that is a denser metallic, you will probably eliminate the actual saw blade due to the temperature created. The reason being numerous wooden reducing band saws have blade pace which is unacceptable with regard to reducing this kind of alloys because they improve your speed compared to necessary for reducing more difficult alloys.

band saw products 1

Teethes, used in the Band saw
The teeth design upon band saws is one method these types of effective resources tend to be offering various purposes of woodcutting or even metallic reducing. Those locations design, the actual flexibility associated with band saws reducing is going to be restricted inside the utilization when compared with actually may presently accomplish.
You will find common guidelines with regard to teeth designs. With regard to band saws made to reduce wooden, it really is which less smile for each ” constitutes a quicker, however harder reduce; as the immediate opposing (possessing much more smile in most inch) can make the softer, however reduced reduce. Additionally , along with metallic reducing band saws, the overall design guideline is the fact that dealing with slimmer components needs having much more smile for each “, whilst more difficult components require less smile.

Devices in the Band saw
Metal band saw reducing is completed along with two devices, specifically; horizontal band saws pointed out previously within previous sentences as well as vertical band saw. Wooden reducing additionally utilizes the actual horizontal as well as straight type of band saws devices. Horizontally band saws devices in many cases are made to support one-width blades, whilst straight band saws may take blades, which have numerous thickness dimensions. Music group noticed reducing has created through the years with increased improvements anticipated within a long time.

The chef suggests: Art Smith on kitchen gear

Art, who prepares a Chef Revival denim chefs jacket to the usual starchy whites, uses his Apple 12-inch Power Book [G.sub.4] giay bong da to store some recipes, surf the Web for others, and buy food and gadgets online. A Rosenthal china bowl adds elegance to the mix, while All-Clad and T-Fal pots, which conduct heat in a flash, float above (from a Crate & Barrel rack).

Nigella Lawson’s gorgeous nesting bowls are egg-shaped for reasons other than beauty: You can cradle them comfortably, and the narrow end acts as a spout. The Cuisipro flat whisk is great for heating eggs when you don’t want them too airy.

This sturdy 6 1/2-pound-capacity scale looks like sculpture on a counter. One side of its face shows the weight, the other tells time.



The chef suggests: Art Smith on kitchen gear

Guzzini glass storage jars have wide mouths for easy access to their contains and bright plastic lids that seal with a vengeance (and open with little effort).

FreshDate containers with airtight tops.

To serve and protect: Bee House ceramic bowl and JenaerGlas containers with airtight tops.

So you won’t lose track of that half-eaten grapefruit, Tupperware’s Forget Me Not will hang it in plain sight from your fridge shelf.  Michael Graves’s plastic squeeze-top canister hits its Target every time: high design, low price.  Blomus stainless steel canisters are perfect for stashing things that hate light. The Letra Tag electronic label maker, which prints fonts in four sizes, can organize your kitchen like a library

The chef suggests: Art Smith on kitchen gear

The chef suggests: Art Smith on kitchen gear

The chef suggests: Art Smith on kitchen gear 2

Tupperware’s new containers nest for compact storage and are ideal for single servings.

Williams-Sonoma’s tomato red tomato press zips through the tedious job of separating pulp from seeds and skin. It looks like an explosive sunset atop the Gripper cutting board and alongside Crate & Barrel nesting bowls.

The L’Equip blender is an object of beauty and a marvel of engineering. The Deni slicer allows you to keep hunks of cold cuts and cheese fresh longer. Adding from to function, Michael Graves designed George Foreman’s grill for Target. Below: Nigella Lawson’s robin’s-egg-blue measuring cup is the prettiest we’ve seen. Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker has nine settings for different kinds of rice. The kitchen Aid toaster fits four slices, and bagels. Cuisinart’s Quick Prep hand blender makes pureeing sauces and soups simpler and neater.

Want to stick your hand in boiling water? Fine, just wear an iSiOrka mitt. The silicone can cope with 500 degrees. SiliconeZone’s baking molds lessen the chances of burned muffins and fingers. Tupperware’s silicone baking pan is cool–temperature-wise and looks-wise. Lamson&Goodnow’sHotSpot is both trivet and potholder.

Top shelf: SilverStone’s red stockpot has a close-fitting stainless steel lid. The Blue Ginger wok is priced for a Target audience. Bialetti’s nonstick grill pan (hanging) and pasta pot (foreground) have heat-resistant handles (the grill’s fold in for storage). Staub’s enameled cast-iron cookware (including these yellow and blue Dutch ovens) retains heat like a dream. The curved bottom of this red le Creuset pot helps Distribute heat evenly–great for muscles, soups.

. To squeeze just a few oranges, there’s no better gadget than this hinged number from Sur la Table. For bigger squeezes, the penguinlikeL’Equip Juicer is easy to use and clean.

  1. KitchenAid’s “majestic yellow” seven-speed mixer is light and compact. The ideal batter bowl–like this ribbed stoneware from Chef’s Catalog–has a handle and a spout. The Jenn-Air mixer stands alone in its furistics beauty and function. Cuisipro’s ergonomic silicone spatula more than scrapes by.

Cookware for any budget: All-Clad’s stainless-and-aluminum pots and pans are the gold standard; Jamie Oliver’s new T-Fal line, lighter on the budget, stacks up very well.

Peugot’s stainless steel and wood pepper mill is sleek and shapely. Vic Firth’s colorful and sexy “Mario” pepper mills are favorites of top New York chef Mario Batali. Vibrant mortars and Pestles from OrangeX are cast-iron with rubber Handles. For details see Shop Guide..

ART’S CHOICES FOOD WEB SITES Excellent source for fresh fruits and vegetables, including many rare ones. purcellmountainfarms. com Organic produce and spices. Some of the best original chocolate snacks and desserts around. The Colts Bolts (with peanut Butter and almonds) are beyond compare. Heirloom and exotic dry beans directly from farmers. Great source for fresh and packaged food, including June Taylor’s amazing jams. Unique food from small producers and farmers.

The eagle car, soaring high with an OBD scan

The Eagle car is one of the modern cars fitted with this because the use of OBD readers has become popular in the latest cars with computerized engines. In fact, the use of OBD readers has emerged to be very useful and is now found on most of the automotive setups. The ease of dealing with the tool is simply because of its use and ease of understanding given the meanings of the codes is very simple. The eagle OBD reader works mostly on the Eagle car because of the unique range of codes which is not in any way disputable.

eagle OBD readerThis is why it is seen as a universal scan and is only grouped among the modern sets of OBD2 scan tools. You don’t need any special training or any big books to be able to get the meanings. The Eagle reader comes with a user manual to give you guidelines on how to use the device, since they show detailed information with meaningful descriptions. The use of this device will allow you to access or determine the current fitness status of the car through a computer when it is plugged into a diagnostic port of the car.

The Eagle OBD reader’s primary function is to detect and determine the causes of problems and where they are and this is much easier when you troubleshoot the problem and malfunctioning of your car, since it does it as fast as possible.

This system will also allow you to view most of the stored diagnostic trouble codes on the screens that are fitted on the dashboard. The use of this device will require no services of a mechanic since you can easily use it by yourself and determine the problems. It helps you save money and time by cutting on the time you spend running to a technician.

Though the car brand is not in most cases popularly used, it is a common catch in most areas where the Eagle car brand is revered like in the in most western nations. It is no big deal getting it on cars from these areas. However, in the other areas, you may have to take time ordering for yours

Why the Eagle car reader?

Because of its user approach, the Eagle OBD reader has the ability to translate all the codes into a language you can understand and also offer code definitions. The save, reset or clear the fault codes option after you have used them is also available. It is also capable of displaying freeze frame data for you to read easily.

All the above functions make this scan tool a cut its own niche and has always enabled all the Eagle brands to stand out. Because of its easy interface, the Eagle is definitely the best way to avoid being fooled by untrustworthy technicians. It’s simply because, before having your car repaired, you will already have known the problem and therefore you will have grounds that will allow you to ask your mechanics questions about the engine fault.

You will find Eagle OBD reader sufficiently easy to work with on any laptop which has the OBD software. The option of use if it does not have is however there, you can install it at any time you want and keep track on the operations of your car. By using this gadget, there is a possibility that your car will get the care it needs and it will serve you for a long period without experiencing any breakdown.

Most online outlets which stock the numerous OBD scan tools are known to stock the Eagle reader. However, procuring yours from the manufacture is bound to help in giving you the comfort of getting the original and the guarantee it comes with. The nature of OBD scan tool availability and scope of use calls for the user looking for only the best which matches his car.

Considerations like price may play out because this is not a cheap tool. It will however be worth every coin if you are one guy with great taste. Go for your Eagle today and let’s soar!

Scan tools of OBD nature

The advent of the OBD scan tools has in fact left most of its users what they really are. The dilemma in which the process puts itself to many users view is how it works.

The innovative minds of yore were able to come up with the catalyst inverter. This was a tool which was used with a certain brand of unleaded fuel in the earlier years. The converters operated on the basis of gaseous conversion from the poisonous forms which would have been released into the atmosphere to the more user friendly forms.


The most known toxic component of the gas was seen to be the hydrocarbons. These were to be converted into carbon dioxide which could be easily assimilated into the atmosphere. The underpinning of the emission regulation came with stricter rules regarding the scan process. The initially adopted method did not consider the requirement that the temperature consideration when the gases were to be broken had to be put into consideration.

The requirement that these sensors work at higher temperature alone is one area where the OBD scan tools work without having to depend on help from others it is notable that the engine has its own management system unique only to itself with highly programmed systems.

For instance, the OBD scan tools in impost cases carry out what is called the self test on the different aspects of the car engine fault system. Failing the test through a check engine illuminating light is assign that the engine is at fault. All the codes required to conduct a successful OBD scan are stored within the computer memory of that particular scan tool.

How does it work?

The simple answer usually given to this question is the engine light. However, it baffles how the engine can have such a well oiled system to be able to come up with such relevant solutions. The technological growth of most cases has not left behind the area of car repairs. The advent of computer could not have come at a better time.

The malfunction indicator is the standard measure used to know if given car has got an area requiring immediate attention. This is one of the most developed computer systems connected with a visual effect for ease of functions. The light is in most cases put where it is visible.

While at that, its counterpart called the service engine light whose role is to basically point out whether a given service is needed. The signal of the check engine light and the service engine light differ because of the urgency recommended by both.

Apart from the indicators, the OBD scan tools are mostly fitted with display screens some of which m ore elaborate in the form of LCD screens. It is here that the data is usually seen and interpreted. In addition, you may notice if you have ever used the scan tool that the several other data are accessible to the use even when the user does not make any effort.

The OBD scan tool has to work on a power source which is in most cases supplied through a battery. The battery allows for the quick access of the given data within the confines of the OBD scan tool jurisdiction. The jurisdiction in this sense means the protocol it covers. Some OBD scan tool covers as wide as known protocol areas.

Scan tools of the OBD range are thus known to be quick working tools which give the relief which would not have been possible le in the case of manual scan. Because of the regularity of the repair and maintenance process of the car, having an OBD scan tool is not an option but a virtually important accompaniments on your car.

Most people in areas where the emission control is not so high usually encounter problems which could have been sorted through just the use of an OBD from the comfort of the vehicle chair. Visiting a site like ours is an addition to your knowledge base which many people do not usually have. You can select any brand of the OBD scan tools around the market, but before then, get to know which OBD scan tool is suitable.



Sewing machine is a very important part of our life. read more information best sewing machine for beginners Even before 100 of years the women were sewing clothes themselves. They did this job by hand. But things are changed now. The invention of sewing machine makes our life better.




Before discussion about sewing machine, let’s have a look in the invention. The sewing machine was invented by an Englishman named Thomas Saint. But his invention was not successful because of its advertisement. His machines used to stitch leather and canvas items.

Later on, his machine was improved by a person called William Newton Wilson. In 1829, a French tailor Berthelemy thimonnier invented the first practical used sewing machine


Elias Hawe was one of the inventors of sewing machine. He created his machine an 1845. But he improves his technique later. After returning to America many American shows interest in his creation. Issac Merrit Singer is one of them. Singer was a engineer and he decided to make a better design for sewing machine.


Raw materials are most important thing for a creation. Everything depends on this. The products must be perfect. Now we will know about the materials of sewing machine.

Industrial machines

For industrial sewing machine the manufacturers use several types of material. They use steel and other heavy metals for the body of machine. The industrial machines should be heavy and strong. They use other products for the inner decoration. Such as, needles, threads and bobbins. Some manufacturers have their own materials. But some materials need to be collected.


Home sewing machine

Home sewing machines need to be light and flexible. So they use plastic for their body shape. Plastic is light and makes the machine bearable. It can be also clean easily. Like other things the bobbins also make by light material. The techniques are easy.


Design is most important for any product. The makers first make a design for the product then they give it a life. The design for industrial machine and home machine is different.

Industrial machines

Industrial machines are made for the factories. So they are designed to be heavy and large. They stitched heavy materials such as: tents, boots, caps and so on. Naturally the industrial machines do chain or zigzag stitch. So they are made to do so. The raw materials are heavy steel so that they can not be broken or damaged.

Home sewing machine

The design of home sewing machine is different than the industrial sewing machine. The materials are not heavy. They are made to be light. It is design for home. It should be so light that can be carry easily. After completing the design the manufacturers start to make them.


Industrial machine

At first they made the shape of body which is made of steel. After completing, they polish it and make it fresh. Then they add the motors and other parts like: thread holder, needle, bobbin and electric wires.

Home machine

Home sewing machine is not so different. At first they made the body shape but it is not made by steel. It is made of plastic or other light materials. Then they add the other things, the electric wires, needles, bobbins etc.


Sewing machine table is as important as other things. It can be made in home or in factory. Just need some things to create the table. We will need a wooden board and wood cutter. We can give it the shape we want. After completing we need to add the machine with it.


Sewing machine cover is a beautiful creation. We can made it ourselves. We can add designs as we like it.




Keep the shelves stocked

Death is not an option: Sell service later, but based on a progressive operations support system, or sell it now, but with a makeshift OSS?

Two words are italicized in that question, and for many wireless service providers, they are the only two words that matter. The booming ways of the wireless services business have lured many an entrepreneur to gamble sanity and financial stability for greater gain–PCS carriers are only the most recent to roll the dice. With so much on the line, selling service and seeing some income from doing so can quickly become the linchpin in every carrier’s axles.


The problem is that selling service is more of a goal in itself than a tool for reaching goals, and it is a goal that must be reached before all others can be pursued. Many tools will help carriers reach this first goal, and one of the most important, technically speaking, is the OSS, which by definition is really more of a service support system.

Throughout much of the telecommunications industry, network operators are realizing deficiencies in their legacy OSSs that fail to position them progressively against increasing competition. In virtually all cases, these OSSs were designed for companies that had captive clients–customers who neither expected nor actually had much power to demand simple service ordering, quick service activation, reliable billing or flexible response to problems. The OSSs were also designed to support simple operations–a company offering one service (voice), likely at one price.

shelves products

However, offering telecom services, and particularly wireless services, is a more complex notion than it used to be. Competition has put more pressure on carriers to deliver service quickly and effectively, and because of this, OSS efficiency has become a competitive asset.

For many carriers, this means overhauling existing systems. For new carriers, such as the PCS crowd, it means having the chance to build the OSS right the first time–as a well-oiled service provisioning engine.

Our cover story in this issue of PCS Edge discusses the advantages of progressive service support, the PCS industry’s recognition of these benefits and the disadvantages of disregarding service support issues.

In other stories, we’ll examine the importance of network reliability, the role of SS7 technology in PCS networks, carrier personnel issues and location technology. Also, this month’s carrier profile turns the spotlight on Clearnet, one of the PCS carriers testing Canada’s warming wireless waters.

Any PCS carrier anywhere faces a lengthy checklist of pre-launch requirements. Operational efficiency is just one of these, but it is also a top prerequisite for success in any business.

If you are hampered in your ability to make your product available to the masses, you have already shot yourself in the foot. Your chances to succeed quickly diminish, and death does, in fact, become an option.

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The Amount Of Outdoor Ceiling Fans Are Essentially Unlimited

Outdoor ceiling fans are not made similarly as interior ceiling fans, since being outdoors implies that they have to be able to handle wetness. All outside fans need to be checked before they are sold to the public to ensure that they can handle the weather as well as being outside.

These types of fans are normally set up in places that are likely to be subjected to the various elements throughout particular times of the year, likewise in position that aren’t open to total cooling and home heating from a residence. They were made to be strong and take care of sudden changes in temperature level and also a few of them can also manage days of rain.

The largest difference there is in between exterior ceiling fans and also regular interior ones is the reality that outdoor fans are generally made from plastic or material as they have to be able to deal with climate condition, while indoor fans can be made from soft timber as well as other products that can easily be damaged. You can read ceiling fan reviews at

The Hunter 53090 is a model that features dark mahogany blades and a three speed pull chain. The blades come separately with the fan so you could design however you intend to. The electric motor on this fan is one of the most effective one ever made.

Minka Aire model F402-ORB is also among the exterior ceiling fans; this one is bronze in colour and comes complete with a transmitter as well as feature wall control. With twin turbofans, this fan produces rapid great air circulation. Both the cages of the fan can be turned to ninety levels for your ease.

The Fanimation Old Havana model FA-FPH210AC has an antique copper fan electric motor. These fans are not just function, yet they are likewise very stylish. With five air movement ratings, a 0.75 amp motor, as well as a non reversible airflow this fan will give you with all the cool air you require.

Another among the preferred outside ceiling fans is the Emerson Maui Bay Model CF 2000WB. The wonderful thing about this fan is that there is not just one sort of blades that can be utilized, from exotic fallen leave cutters to tear-proof sailcloth and also hand woven wicker. This fan additionally has three speeds and also reversible air flow. You can install these ceiling fans in your kitchen.

Concord Boardwalk Model 52BW5AP is readily available in aged pecan and also it comes in 3 speeds that are accessed via a pull chain. This fan may look good but it is likewise cost efficient as it will certainly save energy as well as it costs less to maintain. It possesses an adaptor so that it can be installed in reduced areas.

Outdoor ceiling fans would not be complete without the Minka Aire Concept Wet model F577-ORB. This fan is a popular one because the electric motor has been modified to make it a lot more powerful as well as it likewise keeps away bugs.

The Monte Carlo Grand Isle Model 5GIR54RB is also an outdoor fan. This comes complete with a transmitter, three different speeds, different dimming options and also reverse air movement.

The quantity of outside ceiling fans are virtually limitless, every layout and also style is just about covered. There is an exterior ceiling fan to fit every residence!

The Tommy Bahama Breezes fan version TB344AP is a model that features dark mahogany cutters and also a three speed pull chain. The motor on this fan is the most powerful one ever made.

Minka Aire F843-DK is likewise one of the outdoor ceiling fans; this one is Distressed Koa in finish and also comes total with a transmitter and function wall surface command. Another one of the prominent outdoor ceiling fans is the Emerson Maui Bay Model CF 2000WB. The excellent everything regarding this fan is that there is not only one kind of blades that can be used, from tropical leaf blades to tear-proof sailcloth and hand woven wicker.

GARDENING Little tools for the job

Calgary AB — BY ROBERT GILES Special to The Globe and Mail Calgary

BY March, we have finished drooling over the seed and plant catalogues. We have scaled back our original dreams, which included buying enough gardening supplies to landscape a football field. It&#39s time to turn our consideration to garden aids that make our labours less onerous and more fruitful.

Ottawa-based Lee Valley Tools has a set of tiny surgical brushes (five cm by eight cm) that have 1,900 unpunishing but diligent nylon bristles. They cost $5 for a dozen, are excellent for degriming soil-stained fingers and nails and also work as vegetable scrubbers.

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools


Spiral steel tomato stakes 180 cm long, like those widely used in Europe, make excellent sense. Instead of tying the plants to the stake, weave the growing stems through the spiral, eliminating the possibility of constricting the stems as they thicken. These should last a lifetime. (Lee Valley sells five stakes for $23.) Plastic bulb baskets, 23 cm square by eight cm deep, are the proper thing for tender subjects, like montbretia, tuberose and acidanthera, which need lifting in the fall. The bulbs are spaced in the basket, and the basket is planted at the correct depth. The open-mesh construction permits full root development, and the basket, complete with contents, is dug up at season&#39s end. (Lee Valley charges $7 for three baskets.) A deep sieve is used for sifting lumpy compost, lightly and evenly covering seeds or washing soil-encrusted vegetables. It measures 30 cm by 36 cm by 13 cm deep, with a sturdy poly frame and a 0.6-cm metal mesh screen. It&#39s well worth $6.

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

Also from Lee Valley, a huge Mayan hammock from Yucatan ($69) will provide snoozing space for two adults, a couple of toddlers and the family spaniel. The hammock is made of well-ventilated cotton and the support ends are nylon cord. It measures four metres by two metres, and needs to be fixed to two strong trees to carry the load.

A transplant spade has a narrow (13 cm) and long (30 cm) deeply dished blade, designed to be used in confined spaces. Its sharp, rounded end makes it easy to split perennial rootballs. It&#39s good for trenching too. (Lee Valley has two kinds: The carbon-steel version costs $19, the stainless-steel one costs $37.50.) Fly-away plastic, fabric or netting coverings can be held down with ropes or pinned to the ground if the covering is reinforced with two-piece grommets hammered together at the edges of the material (package of 10 for $40).

Stokes Seeds of St. Catharines, Ont., sells for $20 a robust, plastic high-walled tidy tray (55 cm by 61 cm by 20 cm), which will keep spills off the kitchen floor when repotting plants or doing other mucky jobs. It comes with a clip-on tool caddy.

A Stokes product called After Bite ($3.50) neutralizes the sting or itch resulting from attacks by pests. The applicator is pen-shaped and fitted with a pocket clip; a dab of the contents beats scratching with grubby nails.

Alberta Nurseries and Seeds sells Grow Dome, a translucent plastic for light diffusion to fit a 26-cm pot or hanging basket, for $8 each. This 32-cm high dome will protect young plants from late cold spells and provide a humid environment. The dome comes as two clip-together parts with top vents to let excess heat escape.

A plant obelisk, also from Alberta Nurseries and Seeds, in Bowden, is designed to sit in containers from 25 cm to 60 cm in diameter. This handsome 180-cm ornament consists of four cedar uprights with a cedar finial on top and two plastic rings to fix the &#34legs&#34 in position. Climbers, such as sweet peas and morning glory, will twine their way upward. A kit costs $39.

Tomato ripening hoods, designed to keep frost from turning just- ripening tomatoes into frozen mush, are being sold by Dominion Seed of Georgetown, Ont., for $20 for three. Each hood consists of a tubular, ventilated piece of polyethylene 1.3 metres long. One end is attached to the top of the tomato stake and two plastic hoops spread out the tube, allowing it to surround the plant and drape to ground level. This retains enough heat to speed ripening, yet it doesn&#39t stew the tomatoes.

Finally, if you live far from a well-stocked garden centre or home- improvement store, a wide range of more bread-and-butter gardening materials is available at Early Farm & Garden of Saskatoon. Of the 56 pages in the catalogue, 22 are devoted to all sorts of garden gear for indoor and outdoor growing, watering, seeding, pruning, digging, as well as fertilizers and pesticides. There are also power tools and a $2,000 chipper-shredder.

Overstuffed bowls lead to a New Year’s hangover

FOR A CRASH course in modern media excess, look no further than the college football bowl season, whose Dec. 19 kickoff inaugurates a mind-boggling 32 games over an elongated three-week span.

That’s right: Ohio State doesn’t play Florida in the Bowl Championship Series finale until Jan. 8, providing the sports punditocracy more time to dissect the existing system for determining who’s No. 1. To accommodate the surplus of games, five are scheduled after everyone’s New Year’s Day hangover evaporates, balancing the handful televised before Christmas.

Football’s rules are confusing to many, with jargon like “illegal formation” and “intentional grounding”; still, absurdities abound in the bowl picture that should be recognizable to anybody with a TV, who will quickly discern trends that apply not just to football but across a broad cross-section of media:

best Bowls

best Bowls

best Bowls product

Gin up controversy, then debate it endlessly. The BCS has rarely produced a clear-cut championship game, which is a boon to those who profit from prattling on about how screwy the process is. This is of course a recurring stunt in cable news, where made-up crises outfitted with “news alert” tags and exclamation points (“The War on Christmas!”) transform back-of-the-book items into finger-pointing shouting matches.

Expanding choice promotes mediocrity. Remember when college football culminated on New Year’s Day with a climactic orgy of games, rather like a Fourth of July fireworks show? No longer.

Because the bowls start so early and drag on well into January, the glut creates enormous demand for teams to fill them. Colleges thus become “bowl eligible” simply by winning half their games, ensuring a lot of matchups between second-rate teams who once would have stayed home–in the same way that cable nets frequently stock their shelves with second-tier reality concepts, which explains the recycling of Mr. T. Kiss’ Gene Simmons and Danny Bonaduce as celeb-reality stars.

best Bowls 1

best Bowls 1

best Bowls 1

Every issue has two passionate sides. The talk space thrives on conflict, so every dispute must have a “pro” and “con,” even if it’s about something as inconsequential as whether Rutgers got shafted by the bowl-selection committee or Central Michigan’s defense can contain Middle Tennessee’s offense. Everyone will know the answers soon enough, but until then, dammit, let’s argue and speculate.

Predictions go down the memory hole. As unburdened by conscience as “The McLaughlin Group,” sports analysts regularly spew forth utterly wrongheaded prognostications and live to opine again. If meteorologists, air-traffic controllers or even drunks in a bar displayed a similar success rate, they’d be out on their ear before the first commercial break.

Technology foments confusion. Since incorporating computer rankings into its formula, the BCS has joined touchscreen voting, the Nielsen ratings and online polls as institutions where more data equals less confidence that the system is working properly. High-tech blessings surely make life faster and easier while delivering consumers more options, but they rarely manage to make things fairer, simpler or more logical.

Sell, sell, sell those sponsorships. Nearly every bowl now enjoys an integrated-into-the-name sponsor, giving rise to the MPC Computers Bowl, Champs Sports Bowl, Meineke Bowl, Chick-fil-A Bowl and my personal favorite, the Papa John’ Bowl. (Not the actual pizza place, mind you, but its .com.)

Thanks to the beneficence of these sponsors–along with the fact that two-thirds of the games air on ESPN or a cable sibling, channels that derive revenue from subscriber fees–ratings become less significant. At the same time, like “The Apprentice,” the games provide a wholesome environment for corporations to polish their images while gaining TV exposure for middle-aged CEOs and marketing directors–only adorned here in garishly colorful jackets.

Stay on your toes

Anything unpredictable is interesting. And here lies the rub: Sports remain an irresistible staple of the TV diet–no matter how the NCAA, networks and sponsors endeavor to mess them up because we can’t foresee the outcome.

In a media where so much is predigested and spit back at the audience, sporting events possess the aura of possibility that has helped reality TV and “American Idol” flourish–the perfect distraction for increasingly jaded viewers prone to believe less and less in what they see.

Be careful what you wish for. While the current bowl scenario stinks, remember Winston Churchill’s cautionary quote about democracy: “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those others that have been tried.”