How to cut down a tree with a chainsaw

Cutting down tree

Today we are going to be talking to you about how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw the right way.

As you know, chainsaws have many uses. One of the biggest uses for a chainsaw is cutting down trees. That is probably the main reason why a chance I was created in the first place. You want to know how to do this properly so that you can go about it safely and do not hurt yourself. The last thing you want to do is cut down a tree and have it fall on your house or somebody else.

First we want to let you know the proper safety techniques to use when cutting down a tree.

  1.  Step one- The first step is to make sure that your path of where the tree is going to fall is completely clear of buildings in people. If you cut a tree down in the following path is a house, then it is going to take out your whole house and will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace.  The second part of it is obvious as in you do not want the tree to fall in anybody because if it does it will kill them.
  2. Step two-  The second step is to make sure that you were using all the correct safety equipment when cutting down a tree. This means that you’re wearing very thick Kevlar gloves and Kevlar reinforced clothes.  Just to make sure that if the chainsaw slips off the tree and hits you, that it will not cut you open. Kevlar is a material that is highly resistant to bullets and cuts from things so you should be fine if the chainsaw slips off and get you for just one second. Beware that these clothes aren’t completely impervious to a chainsaw so you should not be testing anything past its limits. These are very safe clothes but it still takes common sense.

Nother we have gone over the safety procedures of how to cut down a tree and the proper clothing to wear when doing so. It is now time to show you the steps of how to cut down a tree properly.

  •  First step-make sure that your area is prepped and ready to go for cutting down a tree. This goes back to the safety procedure of step one in making sure that your path the following is clear of any people or buildings. Make sure you know where you want your tree to fall as well because you do not want to coming back and falling on you.  There’s a certain way to cut a tree to make sure that doesn’t happen and we will be showing you that in a little bit.  The next part of preparing is making sure that your chainsaw as well oiled and sharpened so that it will be adequate for cutting the tree. The last thing you want is the chainsaw to see is right in the middle of the tree because then you will not be able to pull it out.
  • Second step-now that your area is prepped you are ready to start cutting the tree. Make sure that your chainsaw is full of gas so that it will not run out of fuel in the middle of cutting the tree either.  In this part you were going to make for incision cuts that are a quarter of the way in on each side of the tree. After you’ve done this you’re ready to move onto the third step.
  • Step three-now that you have the four incision cuts on each side of the tree, you’re going to make a conscious cut that looks like a triangle on the first three sides.  You will make these chunks that you cut out very big and leave the last side pretty thick so that the tree does not collapse over itself. You wanted to be just take enough to where I can hold the weight of the rest of the tree but you can still break it.
  • If you damage the roof and are in need of a roofer, please call a licensed professional so you don’t screw up your liability insurance!

Now that you have done that, are you want to do is give the tree a good push and it is going to collapse on itself and the opposite way that you push it.

That’s all there is to cutting down a tree. It is a very simple process and we hope that this review post was able to help you out a lot. We recommend that you watch his video we have to share with you below as well so that you can get a good visual of how to cut down a tree properly. If you liked this post please make sure that you leave us a review and comment. As always if you would like to hear more, then stay tuned.




How to remove trees so they won’t fall on your roof

Tree’s can be a tricky thing to trim or remove. That’s why we recommend partnering up with licensed roofer in your state if you do have some trees that need to be removed that could damage your roof, regardless of it being a commercial or residential property.

According to Karl of Commercial Roofing Fort Worth Tx, he says that tree removal is absolutely essential to installing a good roof. It could mean the difference between hundreds if not thousands of dollars of additional repairs. If you use the wrong kinds of chainsaws you won’t be able to do the job right. However, if you have properly functioning equipment, you shouldn’t have a problem at all. That is of course, if you know exactly what you’re doing!

What chainsaws to use to minimize roof damage

We only recommend using the best chainsaws on the market. And yes the previous is about how you can select the best. But if you have a chainsaw that just trims the tree without much caution, you could end up having a huge hole in your roof from a tree falling in.

So, use one that is long enough to get to the branches but make sure there is support underneath. Maybe you would want to use an advanced lift or something of that nature. Maybe it’s something as simple as positioning yourself so you don’t drop it. It seems simple enough, but so many people just don’t think this through.

As we mentioned before, the damage can be done from trees as easily to commercial roofs as it can to residential. In fact, many residential roofs will receive a bigger blow from the tree damage, and since the fact that commercial roofs are simply bigger, it doesn’t do as much damage if you’re talking sheer cost.

Again, according to our friend Karl, if you’re just careful about the whole process and you plan it out, you shouldn’t have much a problem with damaging your roof.

Hopefully you thought this article was helpful as we’re always trying to deliver as much value as possible to our readers!

How to take care of a chainsaw

Today the subject of today’s article will be about how to clean a chainsaw properly. In this post we will  be showing you step-by-step of how to do so.

Taking care of a chainsaw is very simple and it’s really broken down into three simple steps which we will explain in detail with you below.

Changing the oil and filter-this is the first step you want to do when taking care of a chainsaw. Chainsaws use motors which means they have air filters, and overtime those air filters get very clogged so you  Will have to change them every once in a while.  The same goes for changing the oil on it. Just like anything else that has an engine, a chainsaw uses oil and that gets dirty overtime. We recommend that you change the oil in your chainsaw after every single use as well as the air filter. This is going to ensure that it is always running at maximum capacity. It is also going to keep the engine healthier for a longer time,  making your chainsaw the last many more years.  Doing these things easy. All you have to do is go to your local small engine shop and pick up the right oil mix for your chainsaw and then a simple air filters about five dollars.

 Cleaning the blade and the chain-after you have changed the oil and air filter, now you want to clean the blade and the chain. This is simple to do as you just unscrew one of the chain links and it will come off the blade. When we say blade, we mean the metal piece that the chain sits on.  Chainsaw doesn’t actually have a blade because it uses the chain which has serrated points to cut through the wood.  Once you have the chain off, we recommend that you let it sit in and acetone solution that is going to break down all of the heavy oil’s on it and take the rust off as well.  To clean the blade all you have to do is take a rubbing alcohol solution and gently wipe it off to get any residue off of it.

Oiling the chain- this is the last step of taking care of a chainsaw. Once you’ve taken the chain off and cleaned it, you want to make sure that you oil it again. There’s a certain amount of oil that the chain needs for the saw to work properly. You can go to your local small engine repair shop to pick up the right oil solution to put on your blade to your local small engine repair shop to pick up the right oil solution to put on your blade.

There you go, that is all there is to taking care of a chainsaw in three simple steps. If you follow these three steps and do that each time you use your chainsaw, then it is going to live the maximum life possible.

We want to give credit to our friend over at ( showing us these handy little tricks to taking care of a chainsaw.

How to Select the Best Chainsaw for Cutting Firewood

The Secret Details Regarding Best Chainsaws That People Don’t Know About

Based on your cutting needs you will need to choose what kind of chainsaw is most appropriate for you. A gas chainsaw features a two-cycle engine that is powered by a mix of gasoline and oil. These things do not arrive with chainsaws, but have to be purchased separately… obviously. It is a challenge to pick the ideal chainsaw among so many models and unique types.

Chainsaws have produced felling trees much simpler and convenient. In regards to purchasing a chainsaw, you merely need the very best. For people who are interested in finding a gas-powered chainsaw, that’s going to help them inside their professional undertakings, then the Remington RM5118R is a recommended choice. This gas-powered chainsaw has a wise start feature which enables you to begin the machine with much ease. This robust gas-powered chainsaw is among the strongest chainsaws on the market. Many modern chainsaws have easy access on a single side, so that you can do it with no tools in any way.

Each sort of chainsaw has its own benefits and disadvantages. After you find the very best chainsaw in 2016, you are going to be in a position to safely perform various sorts of projects. So far As powerful chainsaws go, they can become pretty pricey. Unique chainsaws have various features. Deciding upon the most appropriate chainsaw for your requirements can be extremely challenging endeavor.

best chainsaws

Best Chainsaws- take your pick
Together With all the selection of choices available it really is tricky to choose the best option. All of It comes down to the very best option. Also you are going to be surely impressed by among the very best quality to price ratios available on the market. Typically, this item is shipped along with the perfect engine oil and it comes fully assembled. Look at the ideal chainsaw reviews before you buy. When contemplating the good cost and the power this tool is a great purchase. It comes at an outstanding value taking into consideration the price and what it offers with respect to reliability and performance.

Read through a few important facts you have to know prior to making a choice to buy a completely new chainsaw. A gas chainsaw’s major concern is safety. It is necessary to focus on the customer reviews and different pricing alternatives.

In case you are not likely to do a great deal of cutting a gallon could be enough for you. You don’t need to wait in order for it to cool down and you don’t need to be concerned about the type of gasoline which you will use. Furthermore, it uses a huge amount of chain oil. There’s additionally a heavy duty chain oil together with the instance. There’s also a chain brake in addition to a minimal kickback chain which goes a step further to boost the security of the user. The X-Torq engine let’s you know that you may expect a decrease consumption of fuel. This affordable model is a lot better if compared to other chainsaws sold on the market.

Given the highly effective profile of chainsaws, it may be smart to put money into a machine with anti-vibration handles. The bar tool includes the saw for effortless chain changeout. It has a superb capability, especially in contrast to other leading brands. If you prefer power and apply the saw often, gas is a great direction to take. In the end, battery operated chainsaws include volts.

Why you should choose us to be your premier chainsaw provider

Chainsaw cutting

Yesterday we talked about what you should look for when picking up the perfect chainsaw. Today we will be discussing  why you should pick us as your preferred chainsaw manufacturer/provider. Obviously she choose us because we are the best chainsaw manufacturer in the world but we will break it down into a few reasons as to why so our claim makes sense.

  •  Professional-we are the most professional company in the industry because we take our craft very seriously. One problem with a lot of other chainsaw manufacturers is that they do not take it seriously. They do things like cut corners, buy cheap materials for their chainsaws, and just don’t put any love into what they do.  It is almost like they are just in this business to make money which is exactly the reason why you shouldn’t make chainsaws for a living. We are the most professional in the business because we put love and soul into our product. We created this company because it is our passion and we want to see people cut trees with our chainsaws because it makes us happy to see that.
  •  We are experienced-we have the most experience had any company in the industry because we have been in business for over 100 years now when we simply started with songs. It was in the 1950s when we decided to switch from regular size to chainsaws because we saw those as the future for cutting wood. And guess what, we were right! Now any longer who doesn’t use a chainsaw is absolutely  crazy.  Chainsaws have literally changed the cutting world forever. They have made it so much easier to cut down trees it is mind-boggling. It used to take a group of two men five hours to cut down one tree and now they can literally do it with in one minute with an automatic chainsaw.
  •  We care about our customers-if there’s one big thing we are known for it is that we have top-level customer service and we ultimately and truly care for our customers. We will go out of our way to see it that your every need is satisfied. Even if it means we would have to send you 10 free chainsaws to make you happy, we would gladly do it.  We completely stand behind our product because we know it is the highest quality and finest in the world. We know we can throw guarantees here and there but our guarantees are 100% legitimate. If you have a problem with any chainsaw that we sold you are you you send it back and we will either repair it or send you a brand-new one if it is broken at no cost to you. Each chainsaw  hold a lifetime warranty on it so you only have to buy one chainsaw and you are good for the rest of your life. That is if you don’t want to upgrade though of course. With technology moving faster and faster every year, chainsaws are just going to get more complicated and more efficient at cutting than ever before.

After hearing what we had to say today in this blog post, we hope that you now know to choose the right chainsaw provider which is Jack wills UK outlet. That is all we have for you today folks and have a great day!


How to pick the right chainsaw


Hello all of our people, and we are happy that you are back to our blog reading yet another post that we have for you. Today we would like to discuss the topic of how to find the best chainsaw.  Who better to tell you this information and then the greatest chainsaw manufacturer in the world? That’s right, nobody else!. We would like to say that if you were going to buy any chainsaw, first off to go with us. We do not make our crazy claims for no reason doing? That is right we do not, and that is why we are going to give you this advice today.

There are a few different  things you want to look for when buying the perfect chainsaw. We will list of those below starting with number one.

  1.  How sharp the teeth are-you want to make sure that when you’re buying a quality chainsaw, that it has very high quality and sharp cutting teeth. A lot of the times when chainsaw companies make a chainsaw, the teeth are usually very poor quality. Most of the chainsaws you’re going to find at a bargain rate     About $100 are going to have very low quality parts. You want to make sure that you are using a chainsaw that costs at least $1000. Most manufacturers are selling at just the right price because they only see a $200 profit off of each chainsaw. The materials are very expensive  and it costs a lot of money to build one of these things. The best thing about our company though is that we offer the highest polity chainsaws at the most affordable price. Our highest and chainsaw runs about $2500. If you were going with the company like Huska Varna, you would be looking at about $5000 for a  chainsaw like that.
  2.  How long the neck of the blade is-another thing you want to stress on is how long the neck is of the chainsaw that you are using. What this is going to do is it is going to give you more leverage, therefore giving you a stronger cutting power. Everybody knows that when something is longer  it gives off more force. The number one part about having A long neck on a chainsaw is that you will have more surface area and more teeth to cut bigger logs with. That means you will be able to cut through wider trees in one go rather than having to chip that it slowly. Our chainsaws have the longest necks in the industry, so they are going to do the best cutting job you have ever seen.
  3.  The quality of the steel-the last and final thing you want to stress on when flying a chainsaw is that the steel is a very high grade and durable type of metal. Too many other companies these days go is cheap steel, which is a bad road to go down. They primarily do this  because they are looking to save a few dollars and dimes here and there. Although when you are dealing with hundreds of thousands of chainsaws it one time you will save a lot of money, but your customers will have to come back and buy another chainsaw due to a breaking multiple times. This is a good tactic for  chainsaw manufacturers to make a lot of money off you guys. Do not fall for the schemes as they are wrong and you do not deserve to be paying out-of-pocket for crappy product. What do you want to do is choose us to be your preferred vendor because  nobody else does quality quite like we do and we are not going to rip you off. The chainsaws that we make our going to last because we use the highest quality grade steel out of anybody. It is about customer service to us and that is our vision, we are not looking to make  A lot of money if it means screwing people along the way.

To do just a quick recap, those are the three main things you should look for when you’re buying a new chainsaw. We hope that our advice today was able to help you in your quest to finding the perfect chainsaw. And one last time, if you are ever having trouble just know that your best friends at Jack wills outlets will always get you going the right way.

We are going to give a special shout out to the chainsaw company stihl We have been long-term business partners with them and they give us inspiration.

Jack will’s uk outlet blog

Hello everybody this is a new blog page for our store called Jack wills UK outlet. We are a chainsaw manufacturer here in the UK and we create the best saws in the world. You could compare us to stihl if you want to but we are much better than those guys.  On this blog we will be writing posts about what our company has been up to lately.  We will be sharing the corporate reports as well as the new models of chainsaws we are rolling out. You can also use us as a blog that talks about the chainsaw  lifestyle. We will share posts that have to do with how to use a chainsaw correctly, basic chainsaw knowledge, and many other categories.

attached below is a video explaining the fundamentals of a chainsaw. Please watch the video to get a further understanding about this type of saw

It is important when buying a chainsaw to go with the right company because you do not want to get ripped off. We recommend that everybody chooses us because we  build the highest quality chainsaws not only in the UK, but in the whole world. Our sorrows are made from the highest quality steel in the industry. Ours is five times stronger than normal steel.  We do this because we want our chainsaws to last. It is a proven fact that ours last three times as long as a normal chainsaw. What other companies can’t match  Open to as well is how well their chainsaws cut versus hours. Our saws can cut anything three times as fast as any other chainsaw. This is due to our diamond dusted tips.

That is just a little bit of what our blog is all about. If you would like to know more information, then simply hang tight and check back daily for more posts that will be coming soon.