How to cut down a tree with a chainsaw

Cutting down tree

Today we are going to be talking to you about how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw the right way.

As you know, chainsaws have many uses. One of the biggest uses for a chainsaw is cutting down trees. That is probably the main reason why a chance I was created in the first place. You want to know how to do this properly so that you can go about it safely and do not hurt yourself. The last thing you want to do is cut down a tree and have it fall on your house or somebody else.

First we want to let you know the proper safety techniques to use when cutting down a tree.

  1.  Step one- The first step is to make sure that your path of where the tree is going to fall is completely clear of buildings in people. If you cut a tree down in the following path is a house, then it is going to take out your whole house and will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace.  The second part of it is obvious as in you do not want the tree to fall in anybody because if it does it will kill them.
  2. Step two-  The second step is to make sure that you were using all the correct safety equipment when cutting down a tree. This means that you’re wearing very thick Kevlar gloves and Kevlar reinforced clothes.  Just to make sure that if the chainsaw slips off the tree and hits you, that it will not cut you open. Kevlar is a material that is highly resistant to bullets and cuts from things so you should be fine if the chainsaw slips off and get you for just one second. Beware that these clothes aren’t completely impervious to a chainsaw so you should not be testing anything past its limits. These are very safe clothes but it still takes common sense.

Nother we have gone over the safety procedures of how to cut down a tree and the proper clothing to wear when doing so. It is now time to show you the steps of how to cut down a tree properly.

  •  First step-make sure that your area is prepped and ready to go for cutting down a tree. This goes back to the safety procedure of step one in making sure that your path the following is clear of any people or buildings. Make sure you know where you want your tree to fall as well because you do not want to coming back and falling on you.  There’s a certain way to cut a tree to make sure that doesn’t happen and we will be showing you that in a little bit.  The next part of preparing is making sure that your chainsaw as well oiled and sharpened so that it will be adequate for cutting the tree. The last thing you want is the chainsaw to see is right in the middle of the tree because then you will not be able to pull it out.
  • Second step-now that your area is prepped you are ready to start cutting the tree. Make sure that your chainsaw is full of gas so that it will not run out of fuel in the middle of cutting the tree either.  In this part you were going to make for incision cuts that are a quarter of the way in on each side of the tree. After you’ve done this you’re ready to move onto the third step.
  • Step three-now that you have the four incision cuts on each side of the tree, you’re going to make a conscious cut that looks like a triangle on the first three sides.  You will make these chunks that you cut out very big and leave the last side pretty thick so that the tree does not collapse over itself. You wanted to be just take enough to where I can hold the weight of the rest of the tree but you can still break it.
  • If you damage the roof and are in need of a roofer, please call a licensed professional so you don’t screw up your liability insurance!

Now that you have done that, are you want to do is give the tree a good push and it is going to collapse on itself and the opposite way that you push it.

That’s all there is to cutting down a tree. It is a very simple process and we hope that this review post was able to help you out a lot. We recommend that you watch his video we have to share with you below as well so that you can get a good visual of how to cut down a tree properly. If you liked this post please make sure that you leave us a review and comment. As always if you would like to hear more, then stay tuned.