How to remove trees so they won’t fall on your roof

Tree’s can be a tricky thing to trim or remove. That’s why we recommend partnering up with licensed roofer in your state if you do have some trees that need to be removed that could damage your roof, regardless of it being a commercial or residential property.

According to Karl of Commercial Roofing Fort Worth Tx, he says that tree removal is absolutely essential to installing a good roof. It could mean the difference between hundreds if not thousands of dollars of additional repairs. If you use the wrong kinds of chainsaws you won’t be able to do the job right. However, if you have properly functioning equipment, you shouldn’t have a problem at all. That is of course, if you know exactly what you’re doing!

What chainsaws to use to minimize roof damage

We only recommend using the best chainsaws on the market. And yes the previous is about how you can select the best. But if you have a chainsaw that just trims the tree without much caution, you could end up having a huge hole in your roof from a tree falling in.

So, use one that is long enough to get to the branches but make sure there is support underneath. Maybe you would want to use an advanced lift or something of that nature. Maybe it’s something as simple as positioning yourself so you don’t drop it. It seems simple enough, but so many people just don’t think this through.

As we mentioned before, the damage can be done from trees as easily to commercial roofs as it can to residential. In fact, many residential roofs will receive a bigger blow from the tree damage, and since the fact that commercial roofs are simply bigger, it doesn’t do as much damage if you’re talking sheer cost.

Again, according to our friend Karl, if you’re just careful about the whole process and you plan it out, you shouldn’t have much a problem with damaging your roof.

Hopefully you thought this article was helpful as we’re always trying to deliver as much value as possible to our readers!