How to take care of a chainsaw

Today the subject of today’s article will be about how to clean a chainsaw properly. In this post we will  be showing you step-by-step of how to do so.

Taking care of a chainsaw is very simple and it’s really broken down into three simple steps which we will explain in detail with you below.

Changing the oil and filter-this is the first step you want to do when taking care of a chainsaw. Chainsaws use motors which means they have air filters, and overtime those air filters get very clogged so you  Will have to change them every once in a while.  The same goes for changing the oil on it. Just like anything else that has an engine, a chainsaw uses oil and that gets dirty overtime. We recommend that you change the oil in your chainsaw after every single use as well as the air filter. This is going to ensure that it is always running at maximum capacity. It is also going to keep the engine healthier for a longer time,  making your chainsaw the last many more years.  Doing these things easy. All you have to do is go to your local small engine shop and pick up the right oil mix for your chainsaw and then a simple air filters about five dollars.

 Cleaning the blade and the chain-after you have changed the oil and air filter, now you want to clean the blade and the chain. This is simple to do as you just unscrew one of the chain links and it will come off the blade. When we say blade, we mean the metal piece that the chain sits on.  Chainsaw doesn’t actually have a blade because it uses the chain which has serrated points to cut through the wood.  Once you have the chain off, we recommend that you let it sit in and acetone solution that is going to break down all of the heavy oil’s on it and take the rust off as well.  To clean the blade all you have to do is take a rubbing alcohol solution and gently wipe it off to get any residue off of it.

Oiling the chain- this is the last step of taking care of a chainsaw. Once you’ve taken the chain off and cleaned it, you want to make sure that you oil it again. There’s a certain amount of oil that the chain needs for the saw to work properly. You can go to your local small engine repair shop to pick up the right oil solution to put on your blade to your local small engine repair shop to pick up the right oil solution to put on your blade.

There you go, that is all there is to taking care of a chainsaw in three simple steps. If you follow these three steps and do that each time you use your chainsaw, then it is going to live the maximum life possible.

We want to give credit to our friend over at ( showing us these handy little tricks to taking care of a chainsaw.